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mightyHOME is Our revolution in Home Automation World!

mightyHOME is made to remove hassles faced by Home Automation users. mightyHOME is the easiest, most user-friendly Home Automation in the world. Notification Area Access is the world’s first feature in Home Automation – It lets you control Home Automation right from the notification widgets of Smart Phone, you don’t even have to unlock Smart Phone.

It is Made in India and made for Indians. mightyHOME fits in existing electrical wiring and existing manual operation of switches and remote controllers remains same. It is specially made rough and tough for the Indian conditions and environment. It is the first Democratic Home Automation – Made by users, Made of users, Made for users! It is independent Home Automation with no central controller required.

mightyHOME has all the products and solutions in a home: Switchboard Module for Lights, Fans, IR Solutions for AC, TV, Set Top Box, Home Theatre, RGB controller with Voice based, Motion based and Hands-free controlling solutions, Phase-cut and (0-10 V) Dimmer Solutions, Curtain control solutions, Voice Based & Gesture controlled solutions.

“mightyHOME – Injecting Smartness in your Homes”

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