Our Ideas, Dreams & Passion reflect in our Products

mightyPRODUCTS are end-results of our passion to develop and share valuable products and solutions for commercial, industrial customers and consumer range.

Our vision behind a product depends on the following components:

  • User-Friendliness
  • Long-Lasting
  • Unique Features
  • Easy to Install
  • Maintenance-free
  • Least Human Dependency
  • Mobile Monitoring
  • Fit for all conditions
  • Least Existing environment Interference
  • Universal Compatibility
  • mightyPRODUCTS follow a complete product cycle, right from Market & Idea research, Full Scale Prototyping, Design for Manufacturing, Proof Of Concept, Manufacturing and Service. Every product is developed in-house, Made in India by a dedicated team of 22 professional Engineers. These products add value to your home, office, factory, warehouse, industry, Hospitals, Corporate Houses, Educational Institutions, Buildings, Recreational Centres, etc.

    Our Inventions


    mightyHOME is made to remove hassles faced by Home Automation users. mightyHOME is the easiest, most user-friendly Home Automation in the world.

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    Air Conditioners play 50% of the role in energy bills. Often Air Conditioners are left turned on, when not needed, which wastes a large amount of energy.

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    Solar Duster

    India’s first solar panel cleaning robot for reducing loss due to dust accumulation. Water-free, eco-friendly robot increases solar power generation efficiency. Schedule robot with App & clean your large solar power plants.

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    mightyTIMER is a Smart IoT Timer Device suitable for timing based event solutions for campus lighting, sign board lighting, advertising hoardings & screens, street lighting, etc. Simply configurable by Mobile App with smart geolocation based astronomical timing.

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